The Dutch handball players have to beat South Korea on Wednesday to have a chance of winning in the semi-finals. The game in Kumamoto starts at 7 a.m. (Dutch time). Follow everything in our live blog.

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  • Started at 7 a.m.
  • Semi-final beckons

World Cup handball · 3 minutes ago

10 'Abbingh is currently taking the Netherlands by the hand. With her fourth goal in her 150th international match, she signs for the 7-2.

World Cup handball · 6 minutes ago

7 'The Netherlands was on the field for a while with a player less, but still leads South Korea: 4-2.

World Cup handball · 10 minutes ago

3 'Orange has a strong start against South Korea. Via Debbie Bont and again Abbingh (seven meters) it is already 3-0.

World Cup handball · 12 minutes ago

1 'Due to a slight delay, the game started a little later, but the Orange team came on the scoreboard via Lois Abbingh: 1-0.

World Cup handball · 14 minutes ago

1 'We have started! The Netherlands-South Korea is en route. Is the Orange squad already taking a big step towards the semi-finals?

Handball World Cup · 16 minutes ago

The players from the Netherlands and South Korea are now on field in Japan. We'll start in a few minutes.

World Cup handball · 18 minutes ago

The Orange team will have to beat South Korea to pass Germany in points and Norway on mutual results. In addition, the Netherlands must then hope that Norway-Germany (later today) ends in a victory of one of the two countries, because then the Orange is certainly a place among the best two (semi-finals).

World Cup handball · 20 minutes ago

This is the current position in the Netherlands:

  • Norway 4-6 (114-99)
  • Germany 4-5 (106-104)
  • The Netherlands 4-4 (113-103)
  • Serbia 4-4 (113-125)
  • Denmark 4-3 (97-98)
  • South Korea 4-2 (111-125)
  • Handball World Cup · 23 minutes ago

    We start the day with the handball. The Netherlands plays South Korea in the last match in the second group stage. The Orange must win to have another chance at a spot in the semi-finals.

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