The elimination of Ajax in the group phase of the Champions League is not only sporty but also financially a major setback. The team from Amsterdam lost 0-1 to Valencia on Tuesday and will play in the much less lucrative Europa League after the winter break.

If Ajax had qualified for the last sixteen in the Champions League, the club would have earned 9.5 million euros in prize money. Reaching the last 32 in the Europa League yields only half a million.

In total, Ajax has earned approximately 51.75 million euros from the European matches before the winter break. In addition, income from ticket sales has not been taken into account.

All 32 clubs in the group phase received 15.25 million. In addition, there is a starting premium, the amount of which depends on the UEFA coefficient. As a nineteenth club on that list, Ajax receives 21 million euros.

There is also an amount based on TV funds. Because the UEFA TV revenues from the Champions League are not yet known exactly, the amount of this amount is not yet entirely clear, but Ajax is estimated to receive around 6 million from this pot.

Ajax earnings in Champions League

  • Standard starting fee group stage 15.25 million
  • Starting premium based on UEFA ranking 21 million
  • Marketpool TV funds 6 million (estimated)
  • Four wins 3x2.7 million = 8.1 million
  • One draw = 0.9 million
  • Qualification for sixteenth finals EL 0.5 million
  • Total 51.75 million

Total prize money Champions League is more than 2 billion

The total prize money this season in the Champions League is at a record high of 2.04 billion euros. When Ajax reached the semi-final last season, the club, including ticket sales, earned 89.8 million euros.

The draw for the knockout phase is coming Monday.