This time, I will tell you the good news of Vietnam football that our country won. Vietnam's 22-year-old soccer team, led by Park Hang-seo, has reached the top of the Southeast Asian Games in 60 years. The entire Vietnam was thrilled once again and the players thanked Park Hang-seo as they shook the national flag.

First, I'm Joo Young-min.


Vietnam showed a level of skill in the final with Indonesia.

In the 39th minute, 185cm tall defender Doan Van Howe scored the heading and scored two goals in the second half.

In the second half, Doheung Joong rushed in and scored an additional goal. In the second half 28 minutes, the protagonist Doan Van Howe scored another goal.

Passionate coach Park Hang-seo was sent off after receiving a red card after protesting the referee's decision in the second half.

As Park climbed into the stands, fans shouted for Park Hang-seo,

[Park Hangseo! Park Hang Seo!]

After Vietnam's 3-0 win was confirmed, Park responded with cheers by waving his flag, the golden flag, Hong Kong.

The players shook the Taegeukgi, rinsed Park and enjoyed the joy, and Park hugged each player warmly and shared his emotions.

Vietnam became the first unified Vietnam to reach the top of the Southeast Asian Games 60 years after winning South Vietnam in 1959.

[Park Hangseo / Vietnam soccer team manager: (What is the secret of the gold medal?) Vietnam spirit. It was the greatest task to give victory to my country. Our players perfected it.]

Vietnam was enthusiastic about Park Hangseo Magic.

People poured into the streets and spent the festival night waving the national flag and waving the Vietnamese flag.

(Video Editing: Woo Ki Jung)

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