Lotte Draft 1st place Sasaki "Like Tanaka pitcher" newcomer interview December 9th 18:09

A new professional baseball / Lotte player interview was held, and pitcher Iwate, Ofunato High School, and pitcher Yuki Sasaki expressed their enthusiasm, "I want to be a pitcher like Yankees Masahiro Tanaka."

Lotte's new players joined the conference in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, and the seven players nominated for the draft meeting attended the conference in a brand-new uniform with a number.

Draft No. 1 pitcher, who boasts the fastest speed of 163 km, raised the board with the “Sawamura Prize” and the goal, “I want to be the best pitcher in Japan and always practice hard every day to be able to win the Sawamura Prize. "I just want to polish it so that I can't lose to any player," he said with a tense expression.

In addition, pitcher Tanaka who played an active part in the Major League Yankees was cited as the target player, and he said, “The perfect place as a pitcher is ideal for me, so I want to do my best to become such a pitcher.”

In addition, to the same generation of rivals, pitcher Nobu Okugawa, who won second place in Koshien in the summer and joined Yakult first draft from Ishikawa Seiryo High School, said, “I think it is the best pitcher in this school year. "I want to do my best".

The number “17” is about the team ’s desire to aim for a speed of 170 km. “I want to build my body without being impatient. I hope it will be thrown in the process. "

Newcomers will conduct joint training from the beginning of the year and make adjustments for the February camp in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa.

Draft 2nd Sato “Aiming for a catcher”

Mr. Miyako Sato, a catcher from Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture who joined the second draft from Toyo University, said, “I want to do my best to be a catcher who can lead Marines to the championship. I want to meet my expectations. "