The Dutch handball players have to beat Denmark on Monday to hold the semi-finals in their own hands. Follow the game, which starts at 10.00, live here.

  • Worldcup handball
  • Netherlands-Denmark
  • Competition starts at 10.00

World Cup handball · a few seconds ago

1 'The referee whistles before the start of the Netherlands-Denmark. With a win, the Orange takes a big step to the semi-finals.

World Cup handball · 6 minutes ago

Handball players from the Netherlands and Denmark enter the hall in Kumamoto. The folk songs sound and the party is about to begin.

Handball World Cup · 24 minutes ago

The handball players must end up in the group with the best two to reach the semi-finals at the World Cup. The position before the match against Denmark is as follows:

  • Germany 3-5 (78-75)
  • The Netherlands 3-4 (89-76)
  • Norway 3-4 (78-74)
  • South Korea 3-2 (86-89)
  • Serbia 3-2 (84-97)
  • Denmark 3-1 (70-74)
  • World Cup handball · 2 hours ago

    Keeper Tess Wester is looking forward to the World Cup match with Denmark.

    New day, new game, new chances! ⏰ ⏰ 10:00 (NL) Denmark X Netherlands #halloteammates fromDenmark #todayevennot cozy #letsgooogirls #eenallen #allenvoorelkaar #pijnisfijn #beukisleuk #enbloedmoet #komaan

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