Tokyo Paralympics Opening and Closing Ceremony performers from general to recruitment December 9th 13:09

Next year's Tokyo Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, approximately 400 performers, including the main actors performing their performances, will be selected from the general public by auditions, especially those with disabilities.

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Paralympics will be held on August 25 next year, and the closing ceremony will be held on September 6 at the new National Stadium.

The performers of the opening ceremony and closing ceremony will be recruited from the general public, and on the 9th the tournament organizing committee gave a press conference and gave an overview.

According to this, there will be a few leading actors, approximately 20 performers who will perform special skills such as music and dance, and 400 performers who will perform in large numbers.

I would like to see people with disabilities actively apply if they are over 6 years old as of April next year.

The opening ceremony was popular as a vocalist for the indie band “Uchuten”, Keralino Sandrovic, who is also a playwright and director, and the closing ceremony was performed by playwright and performer Kentaro Kobayashi, respectively. It was also announced that he would be in charge.

Recruitment of performers is to be done on the special site from noon on the 10th to January 10th of next year, and document screening and audition etc. will be done over next March.

Hiroshi Sasaki, who is in charge of the opening and closing ceremony, said, “I would like to help people with disabilities who have special skills in the art field to create something that will not lose to the Olympics.”