Börje Salming, Peter Forsberg and Johan Franzén have all testified or confirmed that coaches' harassment has occurred during their NHL careers. Franzén even calls Mike Babcock, who he had as a coach in Detroit, the worst person he has ever met.

Although the testimonies are numerous, it is difficult to get active players to talk about the coach jargon in North America.

- I think it will take a lot before a now active person goes out with this. You have nothing to gain but just everything to lose, says SVT Sports expert Jonas Andersson.

"As a player you have your own career to think about"

Andersson himself has experienced the tough jargon and describes it as "mental terror". Although he longed to get off the ice, he never said anything.

- I've been thinking a lot about that and what it was that made me not say anything.

- This was part of what a good ice hockey coach was 20 years ago. That's it, it was penalism.

He believes that it takes a lot for active players to dare to talk about this.

- However, you should remember that as a player you have your own career to think about and unfortunately it is not a place to go out with such.