In the Eredivisie there are four duels on Sunday: Vitesse-Feyenoord (kick-off 12.15 pm), FC Groningen-FC Utrecht, RKC Waalwijk-sc Heerenveen (both 2.30 pm) and Sparta Rotterdam-Heracles Almelo (4.45 pm). You don't have to miss anything in this live blog.

Good morning and welcome to our live blog about the Eredivisie! My name is Rob Hirschmann and I will inform you about the developments in the competitions in the coming hours.

  • LIVE:
  • Vitesse-Feyenoord 0-0
  • 2.30 pm:
  • Groningen-Utrecht
  • RKC Heerenveen
  • 4.45 pm:
  • Sparta Heracles

a few seconds ago

55 'Two big chances in a row for Feyenoord! First Kökcü misses the ball. In the retake, the ball arrives at Berghuis, who has it for shooting, but he misses a goal.

3 minutes ago

52 'Another chance for Vitesse. Linssen plays the ball through, but he crosses the line.

6 minutes ago

49 'Foor with the first chance of the second half. His attempt goes long.

10 minutes ago

46 'We have started again!

26 minutes ago

Peace! It is not all that good, but Vitesse-Feyenoord is entertaining. The first part is for Vitesse, the second part of the first half for Feyenoord. Goals are still missing in Arnhem.

31 minutes ago

42 'Jørgensen leads the way! Another possibility for Feyenoord.

33 minutes ago

41 'Sinisterra with a head chance, but the ball goes wide.

34 minutes ago

39 'Dick Advocaat is getting pretty busy on the sidelines. He is annoyed by the many mistakes of his team.

35 minutes ago

38 'Chaos in the back at Vitesse, with Pasveer ramming the ball across the sidelines.

37 minutes ago

36 'Foor with a nasty shot after a slalom! However, Marsman is alert.

38 minutes ago

35 'Kökcü shoots from distance, but Pasveer saves easily. Feyenoord has the initiative in the duel in the last few minutes.

39 minutes ago

34 ' Lat! Toornstra takes a wonderful free kick, just a little too high. The bang splatters on the bar.

40 minutes ago

The moment of the competition so far. Pol van Boekel gives yellow to Vitesse-keeper Nick Marsman, because according to him he came off his line too early for a penalty. Later he retracts that card because the VAR intervened.

43 minutes ago

30 'Linssen was close by! He gets a good cross from Doekhi and heads in the head. Unfortunately for Vitesse, the ball went just wide.

an hour ago

27 'More goes wrong than good. Both teams have difficulty playing the ball a few times in succession for the right color.

an hour ago

25 'Jørgensen could have done more with that! He gets a beautiful pass at speed from Berghuis, but shoots wildly wide.

an hour ago

24 'Mountain house! He takes the ball on his knee and suddenly shoots from the air! The ball goes wide.

an hour ago

23 'A possibility for Vitesse via Linssen. His attempt with the left misses the goal well.

an hour ago

20 'On the other hand, an opportunity for Berghuis! Sinisterra lays it in front of Berghuis, who shoots left with.

an hour ago

19 'Bazoer from distance! He shoots over after a good action by Dicko, who simply passed Malacia.

an hour ago

Nick Marsman saved a bet from 11 meters for the first time since August 31, 2014, when Mitchell te Vrede shot on behalf of Feyenoord against the Twente of Marsman.

an hour ago

13 'LAT! Bazoer gets the ball out of the bounce just before the goal on his foot, but he taps the ball against the bar.

an hour ago

12 'No, not! The VAR intervenes again and so Van Boekel revises its judgment. So no penalty for Vitesse.

an hour ago

11 'Matavz misses, but Marsman was too early from his line! So Vitesse can again take the penalty from referee Van Boekel.

an hour ago

10 ' Penalty kick Vitesse! The VAR looks again at a push from Marsman just now and signals the referee, who points to the spot.

an hour ago

8 'A first opportunity for Vitesse via Linssen, but he cannot shoot at goal. Marsman cleans up.

an hour ago

7 'Both teams start the game a little while waiting. Feyenoord lets Vitesse build up quietly.

an hour ago

There is a lot of smoke in the stadium, because fireworks have been lit. While the roof is closed ..

an hour ago

1 'The GelreDome kicked off.

an hour ago

If Vitesse loses again today, then it is the sixth time in a row. That has never happened to the club in the Eredivisie before.

2 hours ago

Dick Advocaat has now won three times in four matches with Feyenoord in the Eredivisie, the same as Jaap Stam in the first eleven Eredivisie matches. The other match ended in a draw (1-1 against FC Groningen).

2 hours ago

After ten matches, Vitesse stood at 23 points in the Eredivisie, a new club record. After that, five games in a row were lost in the league and Leonid Slutsky stepped up as a trainer.

2 hours ago

Joseph Oosting (Vitesse) is already the seventh coach to make his debut in the Eredivisie this season. The other six debutants of this season:

Dirk Heesen (ADO The Hague)
Jay Driessen (VVV-Venlo)
Arne Slot (AZ)
Sjors Ultee (Fortuna Sittard)
Gonzalo García García (FC Twente)
Fred Grim (RKC Waalwijk)

2 hours ago

Nobody has as much experience in the Eredivisie as Dick Advocaat.

800 - Dick Advocaat is a manager (350) or player (450) in an Eredivisie match for the 800th time, more than anyone else (Ron Jans follows with 783). Furniture.

Avatar Author OptaJohanMoment of places11: 19 - 8 December 2019

2 hours ago

Vitesse and Feyenoord will kick off in the GelreDome in an hour. These are the setups. Joseph Oosting, interim trainer at Vitesse, immediately intervenes by putting Keisuke Honda on the bench by his predecessor Sloetski.

Vitesse: Pasveer, Lily Field, Doekhi, Obispo, Clark; Bero, Bazoer, Foor; Dicko, Matzvz and Linssen.

Feyenoord: Marsman; Geertruida, Botteghin, Senesi, Malacia; Toornstra, Kökcü, Fer; Mountain house, Jørgensen, Sinisterra.

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