The Dutch handball players play on Sunday from 10:00 in the second round of the World Cup in Japan against Germany. With a win, the Dutch Team takes a big step towards the semi-finals. Follow the duel in this live blog.

Good morning and welcome to our live blog about the World Cup handball! My name is Rob Hirschmann and I will keep you informed of developments during the Netherlands-Germany competition . Does the Orange squad give Norway a good follow-up?

  • 10 a.m.
  • First game main round
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World Cup handball · 6 minutes ago

Peace! The Orange leads 12-11. The team starts uncomfortably, but then comes back strong. We will continue in fifteen minutes.

World Cup handball · 7 minutes ago

Another minute in the first half.

World Cup handball · 8 minutes ago

Incidentally, the German goalkeeper Dinah Eckerle also plays an excellent game so far.

World Cup handball · 9 minutes ago

Wester is growing in the match. She delivers another very good rescue!

World Cup handball · 9 minutes ago

12-11 via Bölk again.

World Cup handball · 10 minutes ago

12-10 via Merel Freriks. Will the Orange team enter the rest with a head start?

World Cup handball · 11 minutes ago

Wester prevents it from becoming the same.

World Cup handball · 12 minutes ago

Germany very quickly narrows the gap to 11-10.

World Cup handball · 13 minutes ago

Orange hits a hole: 11-8! Fur scores again.

World Cup handball · 14 minutes ago

10-8 through Kelly Dulfer!

World Cup handball · 14 minutes ago

An exclusion for Germany, and therefore a surplus situation for Orange. Can the team benefit?

Handball World Cup · 16 minutes ago

Estavana Polman with her first goal! 9-8.

World Cup handball · 17 minutes ago

Orange takes the lead: Debbie Bont makes her first. In the counter-strike, however, Germany equalized again: 8-8.

Handball World Cup · 19 minutes ago

A wonderful rescue from Tess Wester, who screams!

Handball World Cup · 19 minutes ago

Snelder has to get off again. It is her second exclusion.

Handball World Cup · 21 minutes ago

7-7! Beautiful goal from Abbingh, who has a devastating effect from ten meters.

Handball World Cup · 23 minutes ago

6-7! Lois Abbingh reports on the scoreboard!

Handball World Cup · 24 minutes ago

5-7. Germany will redeem a penalty.

Handball World Cup · 26 minutes ago

Germany is 6-5 through Bölk.

Handball World Cup · 26 minutes ago

Snelder now has two minutes off after a violation.

Handball World Cup · 27 minutes ago

The first ten minutes are done. Orange starts sloppy, but then recovers. Kelly Dulfer makes the 5-5!

Handball World Cup · 29 minutes ago

Snelder immediately makes her second: 4-5.

Handball World Cup · 29 minutes ago

Danick Snelder makes the third Dutch goal, but Germany immediately gives something back: 3-5.

Handball World Cup · 31 minutes ago

Angela Malestein has to leave for two minutes due to a foul. Orange is in the final for a while.

Handball World Cup · 31 minutes ago

Van der Heijden with her second! 2-4.

Handball World Cup · 32 minutes ago

National coach Emmannuel Mayonnade intervenes with a logical time-out.

Handball World Cup · 33 minutes ago

Orange still looks vulnerable. This is not yet the team that played so strongly against Serbia and Norway this week. It is now 1-4.

Handball World Cup · 35 minutes ago

Laura van der Heijden puts the Netherlands on the scoreboard, but Germany also scores: 1-3.

Handball World Cup · 36 minutes ago

And there is number two for Germany: 0-2.

Handball World Cup · 36 minutes ago

The first goal is for Germany: 0-1.

Handball World Cup · 37 minutes ago

The visor is not really focused on both teams. After two minutes it is still 0-0.

Handball World Cup · 40 minutes ago

We started in the Aqua Dome in Yamamoto! Is the Orange taking a big step towards the semi-finals?

World Cup handball · one hour ago

Both selections are presented to the public! We will start the game in five minutes.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

With Germany, Orange meets an old acquaintance. Henk Groener, who was the national team coach of the Orange Team until the Rio Olympics, now holds that position with the German team.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

In the group of Orange, Serbia has just won 36-33 against South Korea. That is not unfavorable for the Dutch, as Serbia started this round without points and South Korea already had two points. The Orange has already taken four points in this phase without playing.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

Orange and Germany know each other well. A year ago, both teams faced each other at the European Championship in France. At that time, the Dutch team, which was then led by Helle Thomsen, won 27-21. With that, the Orange qualified for the semi-finals, in which it lost to the later champion France.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

With those four points in their pocket, Orange has good papers to join the top three countries in this new pool. That is important, because if it succeeds, the Netherlands will receive a ticket for the Olympic qualification tournament. If it ends with the best two, the team will advance to the semi-finals. Only the world champion immediately qualifies for Tokyo 2020.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

The Dutch had a false start last week with a painful loss against Slovenia, but then recovered well with, among other things, victories over Serbia and Norway. As a result, the team went on to the main round as a group winner. Because each country takes the points against other countries that have qualified for this phase, Orange is already at the top with four points.

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