Ski Jump Men's World Cup Koji Sato won the first victory December 8th 4:50

24-year-old Sachiko Sato won the first championship at the Ski Jump Men's World Cup in Russia.

Mr. Sato flew 126 meters 50 for the first time in Russia's Jump Men's World Cup on the 7th, and finished 7th, 5 points behind the top.

The second round flew to 132 meters, 2 meters to the hill size, reversing from 7th place with a total point of 251.6, winning the first World Cup victory.

Ryogo Kobayashi, aiming for the second consecutive victory, jumped 126 meters on the first and 130 meters on the second, and finished 6th at 244.6.

The other Japanese players were Daiki Ito, 11th, Koshiro's older brother Junshiro Kobayashi, 26th, and Naoki Nakamura, 36th, without progressing the second time. 47-year-old Noriaki Kasai was not able to enter the top 50 in the qualifying on the 6th and did not advance to the main match.