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"I do not pay attention to the record": what did Kostornaya and other skaters talk about after a short program


The coaches tuned Alena Kostornaya to the fact that in the short program of the Grand Prix finals she would receive fewer points than the world record, but she managed to exceed the achievement. The skater told about this after the winning rental at the competitions in Turin. The runner-up Alina Zagitova noted that she began to better control herself, which helped clean up the program. Alexandra Trusova, who took fifth place due to a fall on the triple axel, spoke about the desire to repeat this failed jump.

After a short program, Alena Kostornaya took the lead in the Grand Prix finals. She scored 85.45 points and broke her own world record, set at the last stage of the series in Japan. The skater admitted that for her this is not an important achievement.

“I don’t pay particular attention, once I set a record, now I’m improving. Coaches initially set up the fact that the points would be slightly lower. But it turned out a little more. I know about my ratings with a clean rental. The feelings are the same as before - you had to do your own thing and see what the judges put. If something doesn’t work out in training, it’s not a disaster. It’s hard enough for me to train before the competition, ”said Kostornaya RIA Novosti immediately after the rental.

At a press conference, the skater noted that she was easier to compete in in the grand prix finals than in other competitions, and spoke about why.

“Today we are all together and here is a little easier, because most of the athletes are our group Eteri Tutberidze. Every trainer can motivate us, ”Kostornaya said.

Alina Zagitova climbed to second place thanks to an impeccable rental, which allowed to bypass many other figure skaters. The Olympic champion said that she became better in control than previous tournaments, which helped to achieve a good result.

“I controlled myself here. At the stages of the Grand Prix, it was so that it was not always possible to control the movements, they fly out of my head, and complex elements do not work out. And on the cascade of Lutz - Rittberger there should not be any blot. Sometimes due to experience you pull it out, and sometimes it doesn’t work out. When it does not work out, the mood is bad, but when it comes out well, it happens that the mood appears good and you start to make mistakes further. Today I had adrenaline, which I waited a long time, and my legs shook a little. When there is no adrenaline, this is not very good, and when there is a lot of it, then too. It’s necessary to find a middle ground, ”Zagitova shared the secret of success.

The skater at the same time explained why she does not communicate with fans on social networks, as Evgenia Medvedeva does. The athlete admitted that she can not find the time to communicate with all the fans.

“I have a lot of publics, basically I don’t like to watch about figure skating, but when my groups celebrate me, I sometimes watch. As for the answers to the questions, I do not comment, because if you answer one, others will be offended, and everyone needs to answer - you yourself must constantly sit on Instagram, ”said Zagitova.

The third place after the short program was taken by Anna Shcherbakova. She said that she is already tuned to an arbitrary rental, in which she wants to show what she has done work on components.

“Today I am satisfied not only with the rental, but with the fact that the training went well, everything worked out. I was able to calmly tune in to hire. We worked a lot on the short program, everything should be cleaned up. The trainers said that the rental was good, and I showed what we were working on. Now I will focus on arbitrary. Work is ongoing to refine and improve everything. When you feel better and get into the music, it’s all visible. There is never a maximum, there are always some little things that can be improved. But today I am satisfied, I completed the task, ”the champion of Russia shared her impression.

Alexandra Trusova was only fifth due to a fall in the triple axel, which she tried to perform for the first time in official competitions. The skater said she did not regret the unsuccessful attempt, since she still enjoyed the competition.

“The mood is good, I tried the axel for the first time. I did well enough, but fell, I will continue to work. I’m taking risks, but I will take risks further. If I hadn’t taken the risk, then I wouldn’t have achieved anything. I always enjoy the competition, no matter how I skate. Well, the axel didn’t work out, the next time it works. I was very worried, tried to do everything right, ”said the skater.

Trusova did not begin to tell how many quadruples she would try to perform in a free program. She only noted that the quadruple flip, which fans are waiting for, began to learn a year ago.

“I jumped the fourth flip for the first time last year before the New Year, I just didn’t turn it on, because I didn’t have time to stretch it at the workout,” the athlete noted.

Source: russiart

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