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Yuzuru Hanyu Go to Reverse Winning Practice 4 Acceleration GP Final


The figure skating Grand Prix Final in Italy was second in the short program of the first half of the men's single on the 6th ...

Yuzuru Hanyu Going to the reverse championship also practice the 4-turn accelerator GP Final 12th December 22:34

The figure skating Grand Prix Final held in Italy, Yuzuru Hanyu, who took second place in the first half of the men's single short program, practiced for the second half of the free practice the following day and incorporated four-turn lutz. In addition to performing performances, we put emphasis on adjusting jumps, such as practicing a four-turn accelerator that has never been successful in the world.

In the Grand Prix Final in Turin, Italy, the men ’s single short program, Hanyu made a mistake in consecutive jumps and finished second after Nathan Chen in the United States.

For the second half of the year, Hanyu practiced at the tournament on the 6th, and landed ice for 4 days, which was a difficult four-rotation Lutz that was not incorporated into the performance for more than two years.

After that, even in the practice of playing free songs, even though he fell down, he showed his performance with 4 rotations of Lutz.

At the end of the game, we practiced a four-turn accelerator that nobody was successful in the world, and they all fell down, but the audience was cheering.

Free is "4 types of 4-turn jump"

When Yuzuru Hanyu finished the practice and left the venue, he responded to the press's questions and said that he was just practicing about practicing a four-turn accelerator.

Then, when asked if he would like to have four types of four-turn jumps, including four-turn rutz, which is difficult for free, he answered "I'm going to do that" 4 years since the Grand Prix series two years ago, since the Russian Games 4 The intention to add rotating rutz was shown.

Chen takes 3 consecutive victories ...

On the other hand, Chen, who has won the third consecutive tournament, focused on checking choreography, etc., while skipping almost no jumps when practicing with free songs, and then using the remaining time for a four-turn jump or triple accelerator. I was confirming the feeling.

Kihira Rika adjusted to SP

Rika Kihira, a female single, was making adjustments for the first half of the short program on the 6th.

Source: nhk

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