Although Europe never lost to America, they were at a disadvantage at halftime. The turn came in the second round and when Von Eckermann went out to jump in the second round he did not need to do more than get to the finish.

- He just had to go to goal which meant we could change the plan and he didn't have to take the risks that were intended before, says Ankarcrona.

Von Eckermann and the horse Fancy me made no mistakes and could ride in the finish as winner.

- It was better than the other way around, Von Eckermann jokes and continues:

- It wasn't so much fun for the audience in the second round when everything was settled.

America came with a significantly stronger team this year when both the South and the North have been merged. Nevertheless, they could not match Europe and for von Eckermann this was his first time.

- We were mentally strong today. Then they had a little hitch with some stop and got rid of points

Europe secured the fifth straight victory when Europe and America settled for the title in Paris. Behind the success lies Swedish federation captain Henrik Ankarcrona who was asked for a few months to lead the European team ..

- I am very proud and incredibly happy. For me, it is a great honor to be able to lead the whole of Europe's team and put everything together on my own head. Then Europe has never lost so there was a lot of pressure and many have pointed it out.

How do you celebrate this?

"Go and eat something I'm really hungry," says Von Eckermann, who next week rides in the honorable Top 10 finals. The competition where the top 10 riders on the world rankings meet. Peder Fredricson is also qualified for the final which is being ridden in Geneva.

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