Professional baseball, Chunichi Ohno Contract renewal with more than double this season 18:04 on December 6

Pitcher Ono, who won the title of the best defense rate in professional baseball and the SE League, refused to present a multi-year contract and came to pay an estimated 130 million yen, more than double this season The contract for the season was renewed.

Pitcher Ohno, who could n’t win one last season, had only 9 wins this season, but he won the title with the highest defense rate by throwing the most innings in the league and marking a 2.58 defense rate. I won.

Also, in the match against Hanshin in September, we achieved the 81st No-Hit No-Run in professional baseball history.

Ono pitcher negotiated a contract renewal at the baseball office in Higashi-ku, Nagoya City on the 6th, and the contract for the next season will be paid to 130 million yen, an increase of 70 million yen, more than double this season. Tied.

Ono pitcher said, “I think we can be proud of the best defense rate by throwing the number of innings in the league in spite of regrets last year.”

In addition, pitcher Ohno may get the right of FA = free agent only in the next season, and the team announced that he was offered a multi-year contract. I made it clear.

When asked about the exercise of FA rights, Pitcher Ohno said, “I have to get it and I do n’t know.”