Substitute Mohamed Abdel Rahman (wonder) led his team Al Ain to qualify for the semi-finals of the Arab Gulf Cup soccer competition, after he scored the goal of winning Sharjah 2-1 in the 87th minute, from a header during the match they gathered yesterday, at the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, To give the "leader" the card to qualify for the victory in the Golden Square, which in turn won over the hosts Fujairah in the match that was held at the same time.

The match was on the way to a penalty shootout, given the two teams drew 1-1, when "wonder" rose above the defenders and turned a ball from the corner into the net of goalkeeper Ahmed Dida, who was unable to deal with it in the right way.

It is considered the first victory for the Al Ain team in the last four games between the two teams in all competitions, as the "King" won two meetings in the Arab Gulf League, including one at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, while the positive tie dominated the third meeting.

Returning to the match, the Sharjah team imposed early control over the course of the match, through successive attacks launched against goalkeeper Khalid Issa, taking advantage of the Al Ain players ’retreat to their defensive area, before the owners of the land entered into the atmosphere of the meeting with adverse attacks that enabled them to share the« King »to perform Some time, before the game subsides for some time.

Sharjah took advantage of the Al Ain players slowdown in defensive, and launched a quick counter attack with the ball to striker Mohammed Khalfan, who made a technical and physical effort, and penetrated into the penalty area, but was blocked by defender Ismail Ahmed, and the match referee Hamad Ali Yusef did not hesitate to calculate a kick The penalty from which the goal came in favor of Sharjah in the eighth minute.

The goal did not affect the determination of the owners of the land, who rushed forward taking advantage of the Sharjah players backwards, after they scored the goal of progress, and the "leader" continued his perseverance in an attempt to adjust the result, and he had what he wanted in the 28th minute, when the Togolese striker took advantage of the error of Sharjah goalkeeper Ahmed Dida, while trying to get the ball off, scissors in the net.

The Al Ain team coach, Ivan Liko, made two changes at once, with Muhammad Abdul Rahman and Bandar Al Ahbabi entering in one place in the place of Khaled Al Balushi and Jamal Maarouf. The two teams changed the form of the team on the field, as it became the best party in the meeting through the successive attacks launched by its players, especially on The right front, benefiting from the slow pace of defender Abdullah Nasser.

Al Ain’s preference continued after the two substitutions, resulting in the winning goal that came in the 87th minute by substitute Mohamed Abdul Rahman from an elaborate header, taking advantage of the corner ball implemented by Bandar Al Ahbabi, to confirm the Croatian coach the correctness of his technical reading of the match, as the players entered only 20 minutes before Target.


The minute it was scored

Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Goal

Win the Sharjah goal.