After a brilliant World Cup debut with a twelfth place in the sprint, Elvira Öberg enters the relay team and is allowed to run the second leg.

- It feels great fun. I have seen these girls run many times and it is a great team, so it will be really fun, says Elvira Öberg.

Coach Johannes Lukas talks about the choice to remove Elvira Öberg in the team.

- It is a new situation for her, but she has handled everything here in Östersund with media printing and everything that it means very well, so it feels good to give her this assignment, he says.

Stenersen into the men's team

The gentlemen sign up with Torstein Stenersen on the first stretch after he made his best sprint in his career on Saturday. Jesper Nelin for driving the second leg.

Martin Ponsiluoma, who ran the final leg under the mix relay, takes the third leg while Sebastian Samuelsson, who won the single mix relay with Hanna Öberg, is the team's final man.

CLIP: See Elvira Öbersg's strong VC debut (December 1, 2019)

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Elvira Öberg (left) and big sister Hanna Öberg. Photo: Photo Agency