Rafa Nadal has sent an open letter in which he denied having received "favor treatment", both in the construction of his academy in Manacor or in relation to his mooring in the port of Porto Cristo, and in which, in addition, he has reproached the criticisms expressed towards him by the mayor of Manacor.

In the letter, published on the web portal 'Manancor news', the tennis player regrets that the mayor of Manacor, Miquel Oliver (MÉS-Esquerra), has accused him of "living outside the municipality" adding that "manacorinity is practiced, it is not verbalized. " "Honestly, having to read and listen to this is very offensive and painful. Perhaps there are people who do not like the way I have taken the name of Manacor all over the world, but I think there is no doubt that I have struggled to do it in the best possible way, "the athlete wrote.

Among other matters, the Manacorí points out that he has been accused of being "a privileged one and having had a favorable treatment for having been able to build a sports and educational center in Manacor, in accordance with the requirements of a Law approved by the Balearic Parliament in 2012 and which was partially modified in 2018 ". "Yes, I feel privileged, since the parliamentary majority considered in a democratic way that this strategic project for Mallorca would be much stronger if it was carried out while I was active, since the impact would multiply," he said in relation to this .

As he writes, at the Manacor Academy he has invested a "very important" part of his estate, "which has also been questioned", and he is "very happy that more than 300 people can work on it, fighting all the year to make it sustainable ". "Something complicated - he adds - in the case of a small city with more connectivity difficulties than our large international competitors."

IBI and garbage rates

It also responds to accusations of not paying the IBI or garbage fees at the Academy, something that is labeled as "completely false", since the payments corresponding to the IBI were made in October "upon receiving the document to do so and the first payment for the garbage rate in November 2017 ".

In addition, he also explains that one of his "big hobbies is the sea" and, therefore, he says, "some people" have wanted to criticize "even this" through "false information in which they have suggested a favor with the mooring "of your boat.

"I have come to read and listen that it will be necessary to do works in the port, which is absolutely false. I know that it would not be necessary to comment on this kind of thing, but I prefer to make it clear that I have always acted as a partner over 300 that we form the Nautical Club of Porto Cristo, complying with all the usual legal processes, "he says. The letter ends by saying that he prefers "not to spread" more because he does not like to enter into "certain controversies" while expressing his "pain and disappointment" with this situation.

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