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Increasing popularity of rugby


As more children start new competitions due to the excitement of the Rugby World Cup, many schools are worried about securing a practice place.

Rugby Popularity Increasing Popularity Securing Practice Range is a Challenge December 5th 6:44


NHK's questionnaire shows that many schools are worried about securing a practice place as more children start new competitions due to the excitement of the Rugby World Cup.

At the World Cup Japan Tournament, which ended last month, interest in the competition increased as a result of the progress of the Japanese national team, and more children started rugby during the tournament.

Under these circumstances, NHK conducted a questionnaire last month for 25 rugby schools attended by elementary school students in Tokyo with the largest number of athletes in the country, and received responses from 21 schools.

When asked about the increase or decrease in the number of enrolled children, the average number increased by 20 to 153 per school, an increase of about 17% from the pre-game. The largest number of schools increased by 57 to over 500.

On the other hand, when asked about the practice environment, about 90% of the 19 schools answered that they felt that it was difficult to secure a ground. The reasons are “There are few rugby fields in the vicinity” and “The place is held by other competitions”.

In addition, depending on the school, practice days have been reduced and new school entrances have been restricted, so it has become clear that the lack of ground has hindered the spread.

Mr. Morihiro Saito, Planning Director, Japan Rugby Association said that it would be difficult to increase the number of rugby grounds immediately. I would like to ask local schools and companies for cooperation on lending. "

Securing a practice range

“Setagaya Rugby School”, which has more than 500 children among rugby schools in Tokyo, is struggling to secure a ground.

At this school, about 170 people gathered in last month's experience meeting reflecting the popularity of rugby by the World Cup. On the other hand, the ground of the Tama River, which was the main practice place, is still in use due to the influence of Typhoon No. 19 in October.

Currently, we rent grounds from nearby companies and schools, and practice games with other schools. However, there are few grounds that can be used originally, and the number of practice sessions has been reduced from twice a week to once. And kicking exercises that require a large amount of space must be cancelled.

In the future, it is expected that there will be more requests for admission and inquiries about experience sessions, but if the ground becomes narrower than this, there is a possibility that children may collide while practicing, and there is a possibility of restricting entrance from the safety aspect There are also.

“Popular rugby is very happy, but acceptance is nearing its limit,” said the principal of the Setagaya Rugby School.

Rugby field you want nearby

In this survey, the most common reason why it was difficult to secure the ground was the voice that there were few rugby fields nearby.

The “Edogawa Ward Rugby School”, which has about 100 students, is based on practice on the lawn ground to prevent injury when children fall under the tackle.

There are mainly three lawn grounds, such as the riverbed of the Edogawa River in the neighborhood, but there are also many other competition groups such as soccer and events, so it may not be possible to secure them by drawing. about it.

In these cases, joint practice and expedition with other schools are conducted, but if going far away, the burden on parents who pick up by car increases, and it is unclear whether children will settle in school is.

“In the past, parents were rugby experienced enthusiasts and there were many cases of enthusiastic support for children, but there are an increasing number of parents who have not experienced rugby. We want you to be able to use the grass ground nearby to reduce the burden. "

Source: nhk

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