Negotiations for the Olympic marathon course in Sapporo continues on December 4 at 7:03

Regarding the Tokyo Olympic marathon in Sapporo and the racewalking, negotiations have continued between the Organizing Committee who wants to make the marathon course a two-round lap and an international competition group that sticks to six laps. The focus is on the ability to report content.

The Organizing Committee wanted to report the marathon and race competition schedules and courses in Sapporo to the IOC Executive Board meeting in Switzerland from the evening of 4th Japan time. Negotiations continue.

According to the Organizing Committee, the plan for the competition schedule will be changed from August 6 to the 9th on the last day of the tournament, and there will be no significant difference between the two.

On the other hand, as for the marathon course, the Organizing Committee strongly demands a 2-lap lap course that is easy to use for the half marathon after the competition, saying that "I want to make it a local legacy", while the international competition organization operates in a compact manner. It means that we have not lost the attitude of sticking to the 6-lap course from what we can do.

The Organizing Committee is expected to negotiate with the international competition group on the 4th, and at the IOC Executive Board meeting held at 5:00 pm Japan time, in addition to the starting point for approval, a report on the contents agreed on the schedule and course The focus is on what can be done.