IOC Executive Board Russian Doping Issue Supports WADA Disposition December 4th 7:11

IOC = International Olympic Committee and the last board meeting started in Switzerland on the 3rd, confirming that the WADA = World Anti-Doping Agency will end the next week's decision against Russia on the systematic doping issue in Russia. did.

Over the Russian systemic doping issue, WADA lifted its ban on Russia last year, provided that it provided all the data of the players stored at the concealed laboratories.

However, it turns out that the data provided by the Russian side has been replaced or deleted at least several hundreds, and the Compliance Review Board, which has conducted the investigation, has banned participation in major international conventions in Russia for four years. At the same time, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games have compiled a disposal proposal that only athletes who meet strict conditions can participate with individual qualifications.

WADA plans to hold a temporary standing board on the 9th of this month to discuss the proposed disposal.

The IOC Board of Directors unanimously confirmed that the WADA was given an explanation of the current situation and that "the most strict sanctions for all those involved in tampering were supported."

In addition, the Board of Directors will hold a 2024 tournament in front of Japan, the final marching venue, in order to appeal the host city of the next summer tournament for the march of the teams held at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. France, before that, decided to marching the 2028 convention America.

Karate held at the 22-year Youth Olympics

The IOC approved a summer youth Olympics competition to be held in Dakar, Senegal in 2022 at the board meeting on the 3rd, and Karate was newly added.

Karate was chosen for the host city at the discretion given to the host city, and was first adopted for the Olympic Games as an additional competition for next year's Tokyo Games.

However, due to the large competition population in Africa, Dakar chose karate as an additional event for the youth Olympics at the discretion of the host city and was approved by the board of the day.