The week before the Swedish premiere in Gällivare, Ebba Andersson injured his knee during a run in the Bruksvallarna.

The knee injury makes her most likely to miss the rest of the year. A heavy blow for the 22-year-old.

- When I was told a little about what the injury meant, it obviously became a small mental slap that I actually already got a little throw off already when I hurt myself. I really broke down, then I felt that now I should do it as best as possible, ”she tells Mittmedia.

"Relatively good"

But now the emotions are better.

- Since then, my feeling has crept upwards and right now I feel that I'm feeling relatively well. I am in a good rehab flow, then I am humbled by the situation I am in. A rehabilitation is a tough process and it can go a lot up and down depending on how the knee reacts, she says.