The Kalba Ittihad player, Daoud Ali, said that he is not thinking at all about stopping playing football, even though he is now 35 and approaching 36.

He pointed out that during the long period he played for several clubs, he carries beautiful and wonderful memories when he played for the former youth team, which merged with Dubai and Al-Ahli under the name of Al-Ahli youth currently, especially since he started his career with him when he was seven years old. Daoud Ali told Emirates Today that he will retire when he reaches 40 years.

He added: «I can not forget - at all - my first days in the stadiums with the youth team when I was young, and I owe a lot to this club for what he gave me, and helped me in the profession of gaining a pension so far».

`` Playing in a club like Al Ain means you have played for a big club not only in the UAE but in every continent of Asia, '' said Daoud, who will be 36 at the end of December. "I became one of those players who went through this big entity."

Regarding the secret of renewing his contract with Kalba season by season, rather than linking to a long-term contract, he indicated that he wants to maintain his level, by challenging himself to perform well all the time. I do my best to convince the administration of my abilities and my right to continue. ”

`` As the player gets older, he starts to retreat gradually, but if there is a challenge with himself, he can keep him up for a longer time, so I work harder and use the opportunity I get from the coach to get into the games. "During the redoubling of efforts."

Kalba has renewed the player's contract for a season during the last transfer period, following his level last year. Daud has played all matches with his team in the Arabian Gulf League this season, confirming that he has the confidence of the current coach of Uruguayan dogs Jorge Dasilva.

• Daoud Ali, although he is 35 years old, has been a regular in all Kalba league games this season.