“Money is an opportunity for me”

After several tense weeks, the skaters got the opportunity to exhale in anticipation of the Grand Prix finals and the Russian championship. As far as possible, some preferred to distract from everything related to sports and devote their free time to their hobbies, while others, on the contrary, focused on the training process.

Two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva became the guest of the new project of the First Channel of FC. In it, famous skaters talk about their life on the rink and outside it, share hobbies and reflect on various topics. In particular, the athlete admitted that she is not a fan of noisy parties, preferring to them gatherings in the circle of relatives and friends.

“I am a person who does not really like noise. After all, there is always a lot of him around me. Therefore, if there is a choice where to go to have fun, then I prefer to sit at home on the couch. Just talking, as I can talk for hours, ”Medvedev said.

At the same time, the skater noted that she would choose the first between increased attention and oblivion.

“Close attention can be tolerated, but with oblivion you will not do anything. At the moment, I am so resigned to the fact that people create fake pages, go to mine, write some nasty things and are happy to run away, that I decided that it doesn’t work for me at all, ”said the athlete.

In addition, she talked about her attitude to money. According to her, often fees go to not the most necessary things.

“I am wasting money in general easily. For example, I’ll come up with a demonstration one, I’ll make a suit for him, although the number is not yet set, and the outfit is hanging in the closet and waiting in the wings ... I can go to an unreasonably expensive restaurant with my mother and friends - and spend money out of curiosity there, because it’s interesting what the dish tastes like. Let's not deceive each other, money is an opportunity for me, ”Medvedev added.

“I felt like a princess”

The schedule of the Olympic champion Pyeongchang Alina Zagitova at the end of the year is literally painted by the day. In between competitions, she is preparing for an ice show dedicated to the New Year holidays. The other day, the grand opening of the skating rink on Red Square took place, during which Alina demonstrated a fragment of the play “Sleeping Beauty. The legend of two kingdoms ”by Tatyana Navka. In it, the skater got the role of the main character.

“Today I skated and just felt that for me the performance is a completely different experience. I am very glad that I was invited to such a grand show. Yes, I felt like a princess, ”admitted Zagitova.

She added that she does not feel much difference between performances at competitions and ice shows, since in both cases it is a huge responsibility.

“For me it’s the same, because in tournaments there is one excitement, in a show it is completely different. Everywhere I want to show the maximum so that the audience is satisfied, ”RIA Novosti quotes Alina.

The appearance of the eminent skater in the heart of Moscow caused a huge stir among the media and fans. A crowd of people gathered around the rink who wanted to see her performance live. According to Navka, it was she who came up with the idea to give the main role in the new production of Zagitova.

“I dreamed about such an opportunity after Alina became the Olympic champion. She is incredibly talented and so young. Who, if not her, will cope with the role of the Sleeping Beauty? When I scored Eteri Tutberidze in the summer, she was not opposed. And Alina responded with pleasure. It seems to me that everything will turn out very colorful, fabulous and enchanting, ”Navka admitted.

“On ice, we felt like real sisters”

The 2015 world champion Elizabeth Tuktamysheva and the 2017 Universiade winner Elena Radionova have a small idea. The athletes are well acquainted with each other and decided on the ice to talk about real friendship, having reincarnated as the heroines of the cartoon "Frozen Heart - 2" - the sisters Elsa and Anna. They presented a joint room at the rink of Sokolniki Park.

“With our dance, we wanted to not only emphasize the love for this film, but also to show that in life it is important to have a person with whom you can pass any tests,” said Tuktamysheva.

In turn, Radionova admitted that work on the number brought them even closer to Elizabeth.

“For the first time, Lisa and I rode together, but on the ice we felt like real sisters. Otherwise, they could not convey the mood of Elsa and Anna. But we are sure that everything worked out for us, ”the Championship athlete quotes.

Tuktamysheva, who is actively using social networks, decided to please her fans with an unusual competition. She encouraged everyone to paint their portrait and post it on Instagram. The best work will be used as an avatar in her profile, and her author will receive an autograph of the skater.

“Painted portraits are often given to me or sent to direct. For a long time I wanted to hold a contest that will allow you, dear artists and painters, to reveal the results of your work to everyone, ”wrote Tuktamysheva.

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Publication by Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (@liza_tuktik) Nov 29, 2019 at 11:23 PST

On the eve of the New Year, two-time world champion among juniors, Alexander Trusova, decided to please the young students of the Ryazan sports school at the Olympic Palace of Sports, in which she took her first steps in figure skating. Children got her autographs, soft toys and other souvenirs.

The first coach, Trusova Olga Shevtsova, said that the school is proud of her former student, who in the debut season at the adult level managed to break into the Grand Prix finals.

“We all watched the live broadcasts of the Moscow stage, and Sonya, one of the pupils of Olimpiysky, was able to support her directly in the stands of the ice rink and communicate personally. It’s a great honor for us that Sasha took the first steps in figure skating in our sports palace, and now sets world records and does not forget about our school, ”Shevtsova said.

The disciples of the section thanked Trusov for gifts and wished her victory in Turin.

“Tutberidze notices any details”

Kazakhstan skater Elizabeth Tursynbaeva, who misses the start of the season due to injury, received the prestigious national prize “Altyn Samgau 2019”. Last season, she took the silver championship of the planet, the Championship of four continents and the Universiade, which earned her the title of the best representative of Kazakhstan in winter sports.

Tursynbaeva said that she owes a lot to her coach Eteri Tutberidze. In her opinion, the mentor ideally combines two qualities - rigor and ability to support in difficult times.

“She is very demanding on ice. Eteri Georgievna notices any details, it helps to progress. There are trainers who always praise, admire, but I think this is not good. Somewhere it is strict, somewhere it can be a joke, ”Tursynbaeva quoted Sputnik Kazakhstan as saying.

Recent results of Russians confirm that the domestic school of figure skating remains one of the strongest in the whole world. Many foreign athletes seek cooperation with Russian specialists. Last summer, the silver medalist of Pyeongchang, Syoma Uno, spent several weeks in the Tutberidze training camp, and now his compatriot Yuzur Hanyu has announced his desire to come to Russia.

“When I just started skating, it seems that my third program was called“ From Russia with Love ”. This name was invented by my then mentor Shoichiro Tsuzuki. I owe him a lot in terms of what I know. He trained in Russia, and then brought his foundation to Japan. I also really liked the style of Russian figure skating, its expressiveness, the attitude of athletes to their work, to classes. This is very cool, ”quotes Hanyu Japan Times.