Said it suddenly and bluntly

After Sunday's meeting with Spartak, Zenit striker Artyom Dziuba responded to insults from the Moscow team's fans against him.

“I do not want to say anything so as not to touch the sect. Someone barks and grunts, while someone wins. But this is not for me, but for sectarians and fascists, ”the footballer threw out in response to a request for comment for the press.

Former player of the St. Petersburg “Zenith” Alexei Igonin admitted that Dziuba understands the train of thought, but still condemns his behavior.

“There is no definite answer here. In principle, it is clear what categories Dziuba thinks, it is clear that he is now experiencing psychological pressure. However, I hope that this psychological pressure will be the most serious test in his life. It’s also clear that this is just a reaction, and it’s not permissible for anyone to react like that, but the players, as you know, allow themselves a little more, ”he said in an interview with RT.

Igonin also recalled that the meeting between Zenit and Spartak this time was accompanied by other unpleasant episodes: in particular, the local police detained several red and white fans. However, the ex-footballer believes that there is no question of scandal.

“Is this a scandalous situation? We need to figure out how scandalous it is. If we talk about the detention of fans in St. Petersburg, then there was an administrative offense. And those who committed it paid a fine of 500 rubles for acting defiantly in a public place. We could talk about basketball fans - football and the great Dziuba have nothing to do with it. In my opinion, the fact that we identify violators with the help of surveillance cameras is good. This is a step towards civilization, ”Igonin added.

Also, a former Zenit footballer noted that Artyom should be fined for his words.

“If we talk about the behavior of a football player in the mixed zone, then this is a delicate moment. If Dziuba really violated the rules, then he should be fined. It will be fair, and I don’t think that Jubu’s fine will be very upset, ”he said.

Outraged by the behavior of the captain of the Russian team and the famous football coach and expert Rinat Bilyaletdinov.

“The word“ fascists ”, spoken by the footballer, is very serious. It’s even hard for me to comment on what happened. It’s not just a matter of throwing a phrase, it means recalling one of the most base things, especially for our country. This is an insult, even in response to a provocation. It is unfortunate that Dziuba got so tired that he could not restrain himself, because today, as a football player, he is an example for many, ”Bilyaletdinov said.

The coach also writes off the words of the striker to emotions and restraint and also believes that the Russian Premier League should respond to the player’s behavior. However, in his opinion, not only Dziuba deserves sanctions.

“There is no way to understand and forgive, because very ugly words were heard, moreover, from both sides - from Dziuba and from the fans. And he and the provocateurs deserve punishment. Because the player, as it is now customary to say, is “pressed”, and measures should be taken not only with respect to Dziuba, but also with respect to those who prompted him to such a reaction, ”the expert noted.

And yet, it is only a harsh phrase, which means that the punishment should not be too severe. This opinion is shared by another football coach - mentor of the youth team of Russia Dmitry Khomukha.

“As far as I understand, the incident will be reviewed by the Ethics Committee of the RFU. In my opinion, fines are not needed here, for sure Dziuba himself already realized that he was wrong. He will be called to the meeting, reminded that he is in the information field and that the fans are those people for whom the players enter the field. And Dziuba in response would not hurt to apologize, make an appropriate statement and explain to everyone that he simply could not restrain himself. I think the conflict will be settled on this. ”