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There is a pavilion in the Endesa League that has already seen Real Madrid and Barça Lassa fall. Since Porfi Fisac ​​landed two seasons ago, Casademont Zaragoza has gone from punishing for salvation until the last day to rub shoulders with the noble class . If last year was sixth and he 'slipped' in the semifinals, this year he marches third stepping on the heels of the two giants of Spanish basketball. The whites, who came leaders, ended up like a rag doll in their hands (84-67). [Narration and statistics]

The feudo maño is a house of torture for visitors and Real Madrid knew quickly the kind of afternoon that awaited him: before the heat entered, he was already seen with a 0-8 exit. The Casademont Zaragoza is putting together one of the richest quarries in Spanish basketball, but while those who come behind Carlos Alocén arrive, they compete with a good mix of solid veterans -Seeley, Benzing, San Miguel- and young people who needed a last push - Hlinason, Barreiro, Brussino.

Those of Pablo Laso arrived without Sergio Llull, nor Rudy Fernández , but the job of the box was heavier than the absences of the whites. As it has been throughout the year, an exercise in collective commitment that ended up overwhelming Real Madrid. The Casademont Zaragoza knew how to negotiate the limit of physical contact to deactivate the targets: an aggressive outside line that caused a hemorrhage of losses, intense defense to force bad shots and inner power to close the board to the most rebounding team in the league.

And even so, Real Madrid held on until the third quarter. He even managed to draw pushed by Jaycee Carroll and Anthony Randolph, but from 47-47 the sky broke over him: in five amazing minutes, the Casademont Zaragoza conjugated a 19-0 run that buried the whites.

At each robbery and each rebound, the team players swooped over the rival ring, and each basket the fire was spread. From Nemanja Radovic (colossal with 14 points, 14 rebounds) to Ennis (13). From Ennis to Hlinason (12). From Alocén to Brussino (8). The gale shook Real Madrid, which was disoriented on a parquet that has become rough for the greats. A pavilion that has already seen the two greats of Spanish basketball fall and that has seen its team, the Casademont Zaragoza of Porfi Fisac, grow in two years from a salvation by the hairs to perch third, to the heels of Madrid and the Barcelona.

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