Badminton Momoda and Okuhara are both 3rd championship Men and women singles December 1 16:25

The badminton all-Japan general championship was held in various finals, and in the men's and women's singles, the top Japanese players Kento Momota and Kibo Okuhara won the third championship each.

The Badminton All Japan Championship was held on the 1st at the Komazawa Gymnasium in Tokyo.

Among them, the men's singles faced the same match as last year in the match between Kento Momota, the world leader who won the second consecutive victory, and Kenta Nishimoto, the 15th world leader who aims to win for the first time in three years.

Momoda took the first game 21-14 by shaking the opponent in the play that started from the start.

In the second game, a sharp smash was decided at a key point, and points were taken 6 or 5 consecutively. Fulfilled.

Also, in the women's singles, the 3rd place in the world, the top player in Japan, Okuhara played against Aya Ohori, the 19th place in the world aiming for the first victory, and the first game that was competing in 22-20, The second game was overwhelmed by 21-4, and this was also the third straight win in four years.

Momoda “It was fun”

Kento Momoda, who won consecutive men's singles, showed a big guts pose on the court the moment he won.

Momoda said, “I was glad that the smash was decided at the end. It was always the same as my opponent, Nishimoto, but unlike practice, I had a feeling that I could n’t lose. I looked back.

After that, he talked calmly, "I'm planning to do a tour final after this, but I want to tackle it one by one without looking ahead."