The handball players of Orange open the World Cup on Saturday with a game against Slovenia. The game in Okayama, Japan, started at 10 a.m. and can be followed live here.

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World Cup handball · 2 minutes ago

The first point of the second half goes to the Slovenians: 14-16.

World Cup handball · 6 minutes ago

We are starting the second half! Netherlands-Slovenia is 14-15 ...

Handball World Cup · 16 minutes ago

The figures for the first half:

Še en takšen polčas! Naša dekleta so z neizmerno borbenostjo proti favorizirani Nizozemski v prvih 30 minutah naravnost navdušila! 💪🇸🇮🤾‍♀️⚽ Stanko 6, Gros 4, Zulič 3 #miSlovenci #handinhand # Japan2019 @ihf_info

Avatar Author Rokometna zveza SLOM moment of places 10: 37 - November 30, 2019

World Cup handball · 20 minutes ago

It's peace! The Dutch are still behind the Slovenians, but the gap is much smaller than at the start of the game: 14-15.

Handball World Cup · 23 minutes ago

Jessy Kramer almost brings the Orange alongside. She makes it 13-14, but the Slovenians still lead.

Handball World Cup · 25 minutes ago

Polman is doing it again for the Netherlands and so the backlog is halved again: 11-13.

World Cup handball · 28 minutes ago

The Dutch team seemed to be heading in the right direction, but the Slovenians again struck mercilessly: 9-13.

Handball World Cup · 32 minutes ago

Polman scores! The Orange team is better at the game and now has only a minimal deficit: 9-10.

Handball World Cup · 35 minutes ago

Merel Freriks receives a time penalty of two minutes for a foul. The Netherlands still has to make up a backlog: 7-10.

Handball World Cup · 39 minutes ago

Debbie Bont signs for her second goal of the game. She narrows the margin again, but Slovenia still leads 5-9.

Handball World Cup · 44 minutes ago

National coach Emmanuel Mayonnade requests a timeout. The Netherlands has to pay a lot of money, because the Slovenians are 3-7.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

The Orange squad returned to 3-4, but the Slovenes walk out again after two good goals: 3-6.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

Lois Abbingh is also on the scoreboard. She makes it 2-4. The Netherlands must pursue ...

World Cup handball · one hour ago

Estavana Polman makes the first point for the Dutch in this World Cup! The Netherlands still faces a backlog: 1-3.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

Slovenia starts well and takes a 0-2 lead against the Orange.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

The 2019 World Cup handball has started for the Dutch! The Netherlands opens the group stage against Slovenia.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

The Netherlands is the number fifteen in the world ranking. Slovenia can be found at place 24. Another five minutes ...

World Cup handball · one hour ago

At the last World Cup (2017 in Germany), the Netherlands finished third and in 2015 the World Cup final in Denmark was lost to Norway. What can Orange do in this global final tournament? The first group match will start in ten minutes ...

World Cup handball · one hour ago

The first result from the Dutch group is already known. Serbia wins with 32-25 against Angola.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

Exactly seven years ago, the Dutch also played against Slovenia, at the time in the World Cup qualifying series. The Netherlands narrowly won: 24-23.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

These are the group and the program of Oranje. The numbers one, two and three of the group qualify for the next round.

Group A:
  • 🇦🇴 Angola
  • 🇨🇺 Cuba
  • 🇳🇱 the Netherlands
  • 🇳🇴 Norway
  • 🇷🇸 Serbia
  • 🇸🇮 Slovenia

  • Today, 10:00 am:
    Monday, 7 a.m.
    Netherlands Angola
    Tuesday, 7 a.m.
    Thursday, 10 am:
    Friday, 12.30 pm:

    World Cup handball · one hour ago

    The first live sport comes from Japan! The Dutch handbalsters open the World Cup today with the first group match against Slovenia. That match starts at 10 a.m.

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