Professional baseball Seibu, forest and giant, Sakamoto is MVP November 26 18:53

MVP = the best player of this season of professional baseball was announced, Pacific League player Sayabu Morito who won the top batter for the first time, Se League is giant Sakamoto player who hit 40 home runs together Selected for the first time.

MVP was decided by the vote of reporters and was announced at the NPB Awards, a professional baseball award ceremony held in Tokyo on the 26th.

Mori, who was selected as a MVP in the Pacific League, is 24 years old in the professional sixth year.
This season, when he was assigned the central axis, he mass-produced hits with skillful bat control. In addition to being the 4th highest hitter ever in the catcher, he recorded his own record with 23 home runs and 105 points to be the champion of the league. Contributed.

Giant Sakamoto, who was selected as the MVP of the SE League, is 30 years old in the professional 13th year. This season's home run has reached 40 leagues, which is the highest number in the league. In addition, the batting average was marked 30%, 1/2, and the team scored the first league win in 5 years.

Mori Seibu “I want to contribute even more”

Seibu-no-Mori, who was selected as a Pacific League MVP, said, “I am very happy to have received this award. This season I won the league but I could not be the best in Japan. I want to contribute to the team even more as an individual. "

Giant Sakamoto “Aiming for Japan”

The giant Sakamoto, who won the MVP of the SE League, said, “I was disappointed in the Japanese series, but I was able to win the league, and I am very happy to receive this award. I want to do my best to be the best in Japan so that I can return the regret that I lost. "