Marco van Basten called Heracles Almelo trainer Frank Wormuth to apologize for his "Sich Heil" remark after an interview by Hans Kraay Jr. with the German.

The triple World Footballer of the Year made the comment Saturday night during the live show De Eretribune on FOX Sports where he is one of the regular analysts.

Van Basten was not at the time when he said "Sig Heil", the greeting from the Nazi Germany period, but his remark was clearly audible on television.

During the broadcast Van Basten, who wanted to make a joke about the bad German of Kraay jr., Already apologized for the comment and after the broadcast he had contact with Wormuth by telephone.

"He called me in the middle of the night and said it was a bad joke," Wormuth tells Tubantia on Sunday. "Great, I have answered in Dutch that I do not feel addressed. It is okay for me, I do not see any connection between his words and myself."

Wow. Marco van Basten. Unbelievable.

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"I am further out here"

Wormuth's interview with Kraay jr. Took place prior to the Heracles 4-1 lost Eredivisie match against Ajax on Saturday night. Afterwards, the trainer only heard about Van Basten's remark, which is strongly condemned by German media.

"You can't really say 'Sieg Heil' in Germany. That's why they pick it up," says Wormuth, who has accepted Van Basten's apologies.

"It's finished for me now, I don't want to talk about it. It's Marco's challenge, not mine. I'm beyond this."

'Kraay jr. Reads Van Basten message'

FOX Sports , where Van Basten has been under contract since last summer, also apologized on Saturday evening. The incident was also discussed on Sunday morning at the Good Morning Eredivisie program, where Kraay Jr. is one of the regular guests.

Kraay Jr. read a message that Van Basten sent him. "Life is like football. Sometimes you hit the mark, sometimes you miss. But if you miss, that does not mean that you are a bad person," wrote Van Basten.

Presenter Milan van Dongen once again apologized on behalf of FOX Sports.