Sergi Bruguera explained that it was "incredible" everything that had happened to the Spanish team throughout the week, and Rafa Nadal summed it up: " Roberto (Baptist) has given us an unforgettable example to all of us ."

At that time, with the Davis Cup won after Nadal's victory over a complicated Shapovalov , the Magic Box burst out shouting "Roberto! Roberto!".

Bautista took the floor and, excited, thanked the public for the support in a difficult week: "All the team members had the dream day in mind. All players, especially Rafa , have had an incredible week. And you ... get home at three, four or five in the morning and the next day be at the foot of the canyon ... That can only be because we are Spanish. You have put our hair on end. Thank you. "

Before, Nadal had mentioned that "dream week" at the sports level. "Almost everything has gone perfectly. People's support has been vital. There is no better place to lift this cup. It has been a long week, training until dawn and the work of the whole team has been vital" .

Then, in Movistar's chambers, Nadal again referred to the "example" that Baptist had given them all: "It has happened to us all. I have won eight games but I say it with my heart, the person who has been vital In this Davis Cup is Roberto, what he has done is something almost inhuman, I don't know how to explain it, he is an example for the rest of my life, he left, his father died, he returned, he trained and today he has taken a very high level. Carreño was injured, he could not play again Marcel was sore in the back ... I have endured, but we know that for me to play so many games on this surface is a risk Anything can happen because history says so but it has endured. It has been an unforgettable week and I am happy to end the year like this. "

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