José Mourinho is happy that he was able to directly assist Tottenham Hotspur in his debut as manager. The last win of the 'Spurs' in the Premier League was no less than eleven months ago.

"This was very important", the Portuguese said after the win at West Ham United (2-3). "For eleven months the music did not sound in the undressing room, there was no laughter and there was no joy."

Last season's Champions League finalist won the victory by goals from Son Heung-min, Lucas Moura and Harry Kane. West Ham came back to 2-3 in the final quarter, but the victory was not in danger.

"I am very happy for and with the players. If you only saw the result, you would think it was very difficult, but actually we were a long way closer to the 0-4 than that West Ham was 1-3." , the satisfied Mourinho commented.

He did, however, see how the 'Spurs' sagged far after playing for over an hour. "They paid the price for a difficult week," said Mourinho. "The trainer was fired, a new one came with different training methods. It was difficult."

José Mourinho was very pleased with the performance of Dele Alli. (Photo: Pro Shots)

"Alli reminded me of old Alli again"

The successor of Mauricio Pochettino, who was fired last week, saw one of the best players in Dele Alli. The midfielder has actually been in a form crisis for months and partly because of that has lost his place with the English national team. Against West Ham, Alli was good for an assist and he laid the basis for the 0-2 with a sliding.

"He played just like the rest of the team: brilliant during the first 65 minutes and then he paid the price for fatigue," said Mourinho. "He reminded me of the old Dele Alli, the player that impressed everyone a year ago."

The former coach of Internazionale and Real Madrid, among others, hopes that the midfielder will now retain his form. "Because he is too good not to be one of the best players in the world and not to be with the English team. I talked to him during training and said that the best Dele Alli should return. I am very happy with him."

Mourinho will make his debut in front of his own audience on Tuesday, when his team plays against Olympiakos in the Champions League. With seven points from four duels, the formation is second behind the unapproachable Bayern Munich.

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