“The feelings are mixed - on the one hand, it’s a joy for getting into the finals, and on the other, it’s a little disappointing, because I made my salchow in a short program, everything could have been a little different. And so the points for both equipment and components were lost. Maybe it’s good that this has just happened, we’ll be better prepared for further struggle, ”TASS quoted Gallyamova as saying.

Mishina, in turn, noted that they were counting on a higher result at the stage in Japan.

“Still, I wanted to be in second place. We still have a lot of work to do. The difference in grades at the stages leads to the conclusion that you need to be a cut above your rivals in order to succeed, ”the figure skater added.

According to the results of two rentals in Sapporo, the Russian duo scored 203.35 points - 69.00 for the short and 134.35 for the free program, which allowed them to take third place. Thus, Mishina and Gallyamov, thanks to the victory at the stage in France and the third place in Japan, won a ticket to the Grand Prix finals, which will be held in Italian Turin on December 5-8.

Earlier it was reported that coaches are proud of Stepanova and Bukin reaching the Grand Prix finals.