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Stiff ears for changing the guard in the team's dressing room. The return of Luis Enrique revitalizes the relegated in the government of Robert Moreno and agitates the wills of the most benefited in the absence of the Asturian coach. Same school, but different methods.

With the emergence of Luis Enrique at the center of the stage, Iago Aspas renews his hopes of playing the Eurocup. He was one of the usual in the calls before Moreno took over. The Galician played four games (204 minutes) with Luis Enrique and only one (55 minutes) with the Catalan coach. After several injuries, he lost prominence for the benefit, among others, of Oyarzabal . The Basque, unpublished with Lucho , has been present in the last six dates (310 minutes) and has scored two goals.

Isco , lately weighed down by injuries and one of Luis Enrique's favorites, was only summoned by Moreno twice. Now, the Real Madrid player hopes to get on the summer train. A new window also opens for Diego Costa , operated Thursday of a cervical hernia, and for Koke , who never entered Moreno's plans.

The Atlético de Madrid midfielder's hole has been masterfully covered by Cazorla , a prop with Moreno. The brain of Villarreal, who returned from the Premier after a long knee and ankle rehabilitation ("If you manage to walk with your son again in the garden, be satisfied," Arsenal doctors told him), has been reborn and currently nobody He dares to discuss his hierarchy. With Moreno he has played four games (236 minutes) and has scored a goal. Another veteran who has resurfaced in Lucho's discharge time has been Raúl Albiol . The Spaniard called him on one occasion, and the Catalan, on four (298 minutes). The Valencian central treasures office and Sergio Ramos , who knows him from the glorious times, feels comfortable playing by his side. The opinion of the captain weighs heavily on the group.

Moreno is younger than Luis Enrique, but paradoxically he has opted for players with long experience. Jesús Navas , in his new location on the right side, has been a fixture in the latest lists. Six games (295 minutes) and two goals have served to take away the ownership of Carvajal . The Real Madrid, in the return of Lucho , hopes to recover the lost income.

The goal

The Catalan modified some habits of his predecessor, giving more dynamism to the goal. David de Gea lost the status of protected and the figure of Kepa appeared . The most expensive goalkeeper in the world had all the confidence of the last coach. He participated in seven meetings (570 minutes); in presence only Sergio Ramos beat him, with eight games (613 minutes). De Gea only added two appointments (150 minutes), one more from Pau López (90 minutes). Some numbers traced, but in negative, from the time of Luis Enrique: six games for Toledo and two for the Basque.

In the renovation of the government of the costumes was also indisputable Fabián Ruiz . The fine midfielder of Naples, who entered the last list of Luis Enrique but failed to debut, has earned the gallons of ownership. He has appeared in four games (467 minutes) and has scored a goal. Along with Busquets , Saúl and Cazorla has been one of Moreno's favorite midfielders. The former Betis player's cache has skyrocketed like none in six months.

The last benefited by Robert's favorable wind has been Gerard Moreno , the former Espanyol striker and who in this course has emerged at Villarreal. In three presences with the national team (235 minutes) he has added three goals. With Luis Enrique, zero participations. Its effectiveness against the goal is accompanied by great dynamism in the spearhead, something that excited the coach. Now, with the return of the Asturian coach, his pulse has been altered. Another restless about the Lucho effect.

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