Rakuten newcomer announcement Draft 1st place Ofukada "Opening Regular" November 22, 13:31

Announcing new professional baseball / Rakuten players in Sendai City, Daisho Kofuda, who joined Osaka Gas in the draft first place, said, “I want to win the regular position from the start.”

Announcement of new rookie players was held at a hotel in Sendai City, and 11 pitchers, including 4 pitchers and 7 fielders, including trainers, gathered.

While the general manager of Kazuhisa Ishii and Satoshi Miki attended, the players talked about their professional goals and enthusiasm.

Among them, infielder No. 1 in the draft, which has three times of running, offense and defense, Osaka Gas's Kofuda, touched that the same infielder Daichi Suzuki transferred from Rakuten to Rakuten. Although he is thick, he wants to win the regular position from the start by overcoming the position fight. ”

In addition, Dr. Fumiyo Kurokawa of Chiben Wakayama High School, who is the second infielder in the draft, said, “I think that my taste is mental that is unbeatable against batting and goals. I talked powerfully.

And Miki said, “I may have realized that I should have done this more after I retired. I need a lot of knowledge, skills, physical strength, but I want you to face baseball firmly,” Yale gave. .

Rakuten's newcomers will start joint training from January next year and prepare for the spring camp starting in February.