Earlier today, Modo announced that they had been charged with fines and flag bans after using illegal pyrotechnics at the meeting with BIK Karlskoga at the end of October.

Therefore, no flags were in place in the Fjällräven center during the meeting with AIK. On the other hand, both Jonathan Johnsson and Adam Tambellini were present.

Scoring league leader Jonathan Johnsson provided two assists in the match. The first forward was to Tambellini's 3-1 goal after twelve minutes of play. It was the Canadian's first goal in the match and at the end of the second period he made one more and also had a forward in the match. Tambellini was recruited to Modo a month ago and has scored nine goals and seven assists in nine games.

AIK certainly had the lead in the match when the team opened the goal shooter after just over a minute, Jacob Svensson with the finish.

Modo had twelve straight wins before losing to White Horse this week. Now the team is back on the winning track and has won 13 of the last 14.