“You can expect anything from the new generation of our girls, because before them at the competitions no one has ever performed such complex programs. Therefore, the result of Alena was not a surprise for me, ”the expert said in an interview with RT.

However, he noted that the final alignment of forces in women's skating will show the world championship.

“Only in the final of the Grand Prix, and then with a stretch, and at the World Cup, it will be possible to talk about what an outstanding result she showed. Now you can trash these records as much as you like. Yes, our girls today are the best in the world. But you should not focus on evaluations, ”Kostomarov added.

At the stage in the Japanese Sapporo, Kostornaya won the short program with a world record, gaining 85.04 points for her performance.

Earlier, Kostornaya said she did not intend to abandon the use of a triple axel.