Tokyo Olympics boxing scoring will be released for each round November 21 22:04

Next year's Tokyo Olympic boxing will be held next year. The IOC = International Olympic Committee announced that it will release the scores of five judges for each round to increase the transparency of the judgment.

As for the Olympic boxing, there have been a series of cases in which Yasunaga was suspected at the last Rio de Janeiro tournament.

In addition, the AIBA = International Boxing Association, which oversees amateur boxing, has been suspended for qualification due to organizational management issues, etc., and the Tokyo Games will be operated by a special IOC team.

Under these circumstances, the IOC announced on the 20th that it decided to change the scoring of the five judges that had been released after the match so far to the public for each round in the Tokyo Games in order to increase the transparency of the judgment.

There is no change to the scoring system that gives 10 points to the dominant player and 9 points or less to the opponent.

The announcement method for each round will be introduced from next year's Olympic qualifying.

In addition, the selection method for referees and judges will also be determined, and the recruitment system will be adopted after excluding those in charge of the Rio de Janeiro tournament. We decided to verify and choose.