Team Edin plays great in the European Championships and that also got Scotland experience today. Sweden defeated Scotland fairly comfortably by 7-3.

At position 5-3 in the ninth round, skipper Edin knocked off a Scottish stone in the middle of the estate and Sweden was listed for a two-pointer. Then Scotland, who still have a chance at a semi-final place, gave up for the tenth round.

Sweden thus went through the group play with nine straight wins.

- We have really done a solid basic series and played well when we needed to. We have a bit left to work on in the start of the matches, how we play in the first two or three rounds. Once we get into the matches, we are hard-pressed, says Edin to the curling association.

34-year-old Niklas Edin has taken six European golds during his successful career. The team also includes Christoffer Sundgren, Rasmus Wranå and Oskar Eriksson who all participated in the World Cup gold in Lethbridge, Canada, this spring.

Sweden face Scotland in the semi-finals, in the second semi-finals Denmark and Switzerland meet, since Switzerland defeated Italy in separate games in the final round of the basic round.