Grand Sumo Kyushu Place 13th Day Highlights Yokozuna Shirakaba's Winner Decided November 22 4:31

On the 13th day at Sumo Kyushu Place, Yokozuna Shirakaba, who stands alone at the top of the championship fight, will play against Koi A flame.

Koi chasing with the difference between two stars When Asanoyama and Masayo of Hakukaku are both defeated and Hakuho wins, Hakuho wins the 43rd victory for the first time in four places.

In the Kyushu area, while Yokozuna and Ozekijin are closed one after another, Yokozuna's birch shows a sense of stability that doesn't feel the effects of the end of the holiday, and so far has been standing at the top of the battle for winning the championship.

This is followed by two new stars, Asanoyama and Masayo Hirakata, who lose 3 stars.

Shirakaba is a match against Koi no A flame, and his past match results are 1 win and 1 loss, excluding the unmatched loss.
The white rabbit is overwhelmingly superior if you pull the whistle to fit the chest.
A flame is a place where we want to find a winning machine with a long arm and a bold pulling technique.

Asanoyama is a match against Yuki Koto, who has served as Sekiwaki.
Asanoyama has lost 1 wins and 2 losses in past competition results.
Asanoyama in the current location shines with the pressure of the meeting and the speed of the previous attack, and if it hits strongly and makes the right four shapes, it is an advantageous development.

Likewise, the 3rd generation Masayo will play flames.

Two of the three losers will be defeated together, and if the white birch wins, the white win will be the first time in four places and the 43rd win will be decided.