The old photo shows Miroslav Klose running past one of those fat-butt defenders in every district league. This term comes from Ronald Reng, he wrote Miro , Klose's biography, and brought this picture to the football bar stadium on the Schleißheimer Straße, "so that everyone can think that they once played on a level with Miroslav Klose".

And so that they can think that Klose is "one of them". He, who primarily earned millions with the goal-screamer, who became the World Cup record-scorer with sixteen goals and is now a sought-after youth coach at Bayern, he should be one of them, one like you and me?

"I'm still one of you," says Klose.

A few times this evening Klose will assert this sentence: But can one believe that? There is no better place than a football bar to pursue this question. First indication that Klose could tell the truth: The world champion comes by bike. When he's there, he sits down next to Reng and takes a beer. "0.5, if I can do that?"

Before the biography knew only the worst about Klose: that he still ran away with twenty in the district league fat-butt defenders and later to the last "world champion who came from the football field", so it is on the spine. That's what fascinates the fans: that one of them made it to the top.
Klose is wearing black sneakers, black trousers and a checkered black shirt, blue, green, yellow, red. Almost more hipster chic than football pubs look.

Many in the audience did not know that Klose would come. The reading was sold out for a long time, although the star guest was not announced. Reng has written the most important German football books of the past years, for example about Robert Enke. One day, Klose said to Reng, "Well, I'd like to do a reading."

His friend Luca Toni, the model

Klose sometimes wants to know exactly, that's what you learn from the biography. During massaging, he sometimes asked physiotherapist Klaus Eder: "Are you just on a nerve or a muscle with your fingers?" Or he inquired about the function of the costal arch. Eder had not experienced that yet. And as a Zivi at the Kuseler Hospital, he taught himself to recognize fractures and cracks in the bones on x-rays.

Klose does not often speak in the red premiere microphone, which certainly comes from a time in which Klose for Kaiserslautern kicked on the betze, because the transmitter is no longer there. Reng talks much longer, he knows almost all stories from Klose's life. He begins with a story, Klose is to continue. But often comes back only one sentence.

How was the jersey exchange in Italy, where the opponents do not ask for the shirt, but the pants?

- "That would be better in the cabin."

The time with his friend Luca Toni?

- "I was there for work, the other was a model."

Louis van Gaal?

- "Do we have to talk about it?"