Ingvild Flugstad Östberg, who took five medals in the World Cup earlier this year, misses both the Norwegian premiere in Beitostölen for the weekend and the World Cup premiere in Ruka, Finland, next week.

She says it is about health problems, without going into what it is about.

- I have been in a situation where I cannot ski for health reasons. Not all requirements in the health test are met, she says with a cracked voice during a press conference in Beitostölen.

She says that she feels healthy and injury-free but that the body needs rest to get “on the plus” again.

"Will come out stronger from this"

Therese Johaug, is both close friend and national team colleague with Ingvild Flugstad Östberg, and says she is sorry.

- I'll support her and be there for Ingvild. I know she will get stronger out of this and that she will run fast in the races she will do when she comes back, says Johaug.

It is unclear when 28-year-old Östberg can be back in the ski tracks again.

Ingvild Flugstad Östberg had an incredibly strong season last winter with victory in the Tour de Ski and she took three silver and two bronze in the World Cup.