Swimming seto Seto is not a special event 200m breaststroke personal best November 21 22:20

At the Tokyo Olympics next year, Daiya Seto, who has been decided to represent Japan for swimming, participated in a tournament held in Tokyo and marked the best time for a 200 meter male non-specialty swim. .

Participating in the “Tokyo Open” competition, which began at Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center on the 21st, is participating in the Japanese national team as part of the training.

Among them, Seto, who won a gold medal in the 2nd individual medley at the World Championships in July, and participated in a 200m male breaststroke that was not a special event, was announced as a representative of the Tokyo Olympics.

Seto returned to the second half after the first half of the 100-meter record, Ippei Watanabe, who was the Japanese record holder of this event. .

The time was 2 minutes 8 seconds 98 and the personal best was updated for more than 1 second. The winning time for Watanabe was 2 minutes 8 seconds 47.

Seto also participated in the men's 100 meter butterfly and finished 3rd in 52 seconds 60.

In addition, Kosuke Kanno, who was temporarily resting this season, participated in the second category, 2nd place at 1 minute 48 seconds 79 for men's 200 meters freestyle and 2nd place at 1 minute 57 seconds 79 for boys 200 meters backstroke.

Seto “Spatter without dropping time in the second half”

Daiya Seto was second only to Watanabe Ippei who has a Japanese record at 200 meters, which is not a specialized event. “Once I saw Watanabe, I thought that I still have a special interest in breaststroke. It was a good stimulus. ”

After that, about the time that I updated my personal best for more than 1 second, “I was quite tired from the practice and I was quite hard before the race of the final, but I was able to put on a spurt without dropping the second half time. I want to bring out crisps. "

Watanabe “Issue in the second half of physical fitness”

Ippei Watanabe, who won the men's 200 meter breaststroke, said about the race development that Daiya Seto was driven up by the last, “I felt that senior Seto players were approaching from behind, but I won the last. It was good. "

After that, “I was battered in the last 50 meters, and there were still problems in the second half of the physical strength. The remaining 5 items so that I could review the swimming, such as stroke and tempo, and update the world record again in the next April Japanese Championship. I want to do everything I can do on the moon. ”

Sugano “I want to connect firmly to the next”

After the race, Kosuke Kanno said, “I'm glad that I was able to see what I was missing and learn what I could learn only in the race.

This season was temporarily rested, and after returning to the race in August, a race that did not give the time I wanted was continued. The standard time has been exceeded.

On the 21st, both of the two races that participated were shorter than the previous race, and Sugano said, “Swimming is getting better, but I still feel that I have n’t been able to swim. I think this is the part that I will do my best in the winter. "

In this tournament, he plans to participate in a men's 400m personal medley for the first time in about 10 months on the 23rd. I was enthusiastic about winning the gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.