Three national football coaches have a great technical experience, which has not helped them to attract the interests of local clubs at the moment, despite the great history that distinguishes them from a number of foreign coaches, in addition to their precise knowledge of the UAE and the mentality of the local player.

The former national team coach, Mehdi Ali, along with Dr. Abdullah Mesfer and Hassan Al Abdouli, are among the training competencies, as they have previously worked with clubs and teams, but they are currently without a club.

"The three coaches are better than some foreign coaches in the league, who have been attracted with large sums of money, but they do not provide the desired addition with their teams," Hassan Al-Marri, a former board member of Al Wasl, told Emirates Today.

He continued: «The success achieved by the national coach, Abdulaziz Al-Anbari, with Sharjah, is a good example of the need to give the opportunity to the national coach, which would enhance the chances of success of the national coach, whether with national teams or with clubs, and I think that fortunes Al Anbari will be great in taking over the national team in the future, after his excellence in the leadership of Sharjah ».

Mehdi Ali has worked extensively with the national teams to the first team, and then coached some clubs, and the same is the case for coach Abdullah Misfer.

Mahdi is one of the best coaches in the history of the national teams, whether with the youth or the Olympic or the national team, his successes with Al-Abyad represented a bright spot in the history of the UAE football.

His most notable achievements include leading the Olympic team, for the first time in the history of UAE football, to the finals of the Olympic Games, which was held in the British capital London in 2012, and winning with the first team title Gulf Cup 2013, held in Bahrain, and won the bronze medal and third place in the Asian Cup 2015 In Australia, he also won the Asian Youth Cup in 2008 and reached the quarterfinals of the 2009 FIFA World Youth Championship in Egypt.

Mehdi Ali resigned as national team coach in March 2017, after a busy march following Abyad's failure to qualify for Russia. He also took over as coach of Al Ahli youth, the last time in 2017, succeeding the former coach, Romanian Olario Cosmin.

Hassan al-Marri added: «Mahdi Ali, Mesfer and Abdouli are distinguished national coaches, but they are far from local engagements, whether with teams or teams, given the fact that some of them may want to maintain his name and his position after the great successes achieved in the past» .

Al-Marri pointed out that a large number of local clubs prefer to use the foreign coach at the expense of the national coach.

Abdullah Mesfer also has a distinguished career as a coach, as he is the only one to have experienced training outside the UAE, when he took over the Jordanian team from 2016 to 2017.

Mesfer started his career with Al Arabi club in Umm Al Quwain in 1991, and achieved a great achievement by leading him to the semi-finals of the President's Cup, for the first time in the club's history.

Mesfer, who holds a PhD in sports management, led the training department from LaSalle University in the United States and trained several local clubs, including Sharjah, Hamriyah, Al Arouba, Al Dhafra, Fujairah and Bani Yas.

It is the most remarkable stop in his history, when he took over as coach of the Whites in 2011 during the 2014 World Cup qualifiers, succeeding the former Slovenian coach, Strijko Katanic. His achievements include winning the AFC Asian Cup UAE 1996, with the first team as assistant to the Croatian coach, Tomislav Ivic, and leading the youth team to qualify for the World Cup, which was held in Malaysia in 1997.

Hassan Al-Abdouli, a professional coach licensed by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and a German diploma coach, began his career at the young age of 21, after playing as a 19-year-old in Al Wasl. In the Sunni stages of Al Wasl Club, despite his young age, in 1997, and continued until 2009.

Abdouli worked in many periods as assistant to Al Wasl coach and also coach of the first team, then assistant to Al-Ahli youth coach, and also coached the Olympic team, and the most prominent period began in his career since 2010, when he worked for eight years as assistant to Mehdi Ali in the first and Olympic teams, and managed with Mahdi Lead the Olympic to the London Olympics, win the Gulf Cup, and third Asia.

Al-Abdouli has had several experiences of living with European teams and teams, including Czech Sparta Prague and Italy's Olympic team, as well as fitness courses and technical analysis.

Al-Anbari's brilliance after leading Sharjah to the Arabian Gulf League title last season, as well as the current season, led by the King to lead the league, will convince some clubs of the training competencies shown by a number of national coaches and give them the full opportunity.

Mehdi Ali:

■ Achieved many successes with different national teams.

■ led the Olympic to qualify for the first time to the finals of the Olympic Games (London 2012).

■ Achieved the Asian Youth Cup in 2008.

■ He led the young white to the quarterfinals of the World Cup in 2009.

■ He won the first team in the Gulf Cup in 2013.

■ Won the bronze medal at the 2015 Asian Cup.

■ Resigned from Al-Abyad training in 2017, and previously led Al Ahli youth.

Abdullah Mesfer:

■ Began his career with «Arab» in 1991, and led him for the first time to the semi-finals of the President's Cup.

■ holds a PhD in sports management.

■ Coached several local clubs, including Sharjah, Hamriyah, Al Arouba, Al Dhafra, Fujairah and Bani Yas.

■ Won the runner-up to the 1996 Asian Cup, when he was assistant to Croatian coach Ivic.

He led the youth team to qualify for the World Cup in Malaysia in 1997.

■ The first coach in the history of UAE football to coach abroad, when he led Jordan in 2016 and 2017.

Hassan Abdouli:

■ AFC Professional Coach License holder

And Diploma of Training from the German Federation.

■ Began his career in the world of training at a young age at the age of 21 years.

■ Trained in the Sunni stages of Al Wasl Club to the first team.

■ Worked as an assistant to coach Mehdi Ali during the golden period with the Olympic and the first.

■ Experience many experiences «coexistence», with teams and European teams.

■ Underwent fitness courses and technical analysis of matches.

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