The Syrian media praised the best start of the Syrian football history in the World Cup qualifiers, following the victory of the "Qassion Eagles" yesterday in Dubai over the Philippines team with no reply, and the "Qassion Eagles" continued their winning streak and won the full mark in the top of the first group teams With 15 points, and perhaps one of the funniest headlines covered in the Syrian newspapers, came in the newspaper Al-Watan entitled "Five with the eyes of the devil ... elected to defeat the Philippines."

Al-Watan newspaper in its article today, the same as the Syrian media, what the team achieved despite the unconvincing performance by winning a single goal against the Philippines, but at the same time praised the "Eagles" to achieve the full mark in the double qualifiers for the World Cup 2022, and the Asian Cup 2023 , Winning five consecutive games, taking the lead of his first group teams, a full seven points difference from his rivals Philippines and the Chinese team, who underwent rest in this round.

Al Watan admitted that the performance of the "Qassioun Eagles" was mixed in both half of the game, after it made a remarkable performance in the first half, during which the striker Warda Al Salama succeeded in scoring the only goal of the game that came in the 23rd minute, against a second half that saw defensive gaps that almost claimed Give the Philippine team a draw on more than one occasion.

Al-Watan pointed out that Warda al-Salameh is the 64th player to score for Syria in the World Cup qualifiers.