Report to Takano Ren within 500 pitches a week.

An expert meeting of the Japan High School Baseball Federation, who has been studying measures to reduce the burden on high school baseball pitchers, will limit the number of pitchers per pitcher from Senbatsu High School Baseball this spring to within 500 per week. The submitted report was submitted to Takano Ren on the 20th.

Takano Ren's expert meeting, which is made up of baseball leaders, doctors, and academics, will limit the number of pitchers per pitcher to 500 pitches per week for Koshien and local tournaments since next spring. The report including restrictions was compiled on the 5th of this month, and on the 20th, Professor Takanobu Nakajima, Keio University chairperson in Tokyo, submitted a report to Eiji Hatta, Chairman of Takano Ren.

According to the report, the limit on the number of balls will be set to a trial period of 3 years from Senbatsu in the spring of next year, and the Takano Ren is requested to make a schedule to avoid the 3 consecutive wars in order to prevent the pitcher from malfunctioning.

In response to the report, Takano Ren will formally decide to introduce a ball number limit starting next spring at the board meeting on the 29th of this month.

Mr. Hatta said, “We will deliberate on the Board of Directors with a sense of speed, and unless there is something unexpected, we would like to start with Spring Senbatsu.”