Mikaela Laurén loves boxing. So much so that she once again makes a comeback in the ring. So much so that she has gained 37 professional matches, of which 31 are victories. The last she had a professional match was April 13 where she stood ten rounds but lost to Canadian Marie Eve Dicaire.

But now the gloves and the guards will be up again. On December 11, she takes on 32-year-old Mexican Paty Ramirez, in super welterweight 69 kilos, at the crazy AK Fighting Championship in Gothenburg. Ramirez, who is a bit of a veteran, match-winning 12 wins and seven losses, will not make it easy for the 43-year-old Swedish.

But Laurén is ready for the task.

- I feel like I said better than ever, it's very strange, she tells SVT Sport.

"I feel like a wonderful child"

But many people probably wonder why the Stockholmer can't help going into the ring again. She has previously told about pregnancy plans, but it seems, at least until now, to be on ice.

- People don't want me to stop boxing, they miss me in the ring. But that goes for myself too. I felt that I wasn't really done when I put the gloves on the shelf, ”she says.

Laurén trains at Hammarby boxing club. She believes that changes in training and the challenges that follow tougher drills have produced good results.

- People will see a new Mikaela step into the ring on December 11. I turn 44 this year and continue to develop. Everything feels right. I feel like a wonderful child, he says with a confident tone.

Double signals?

You give some double signals I feel, you talk about a career ending but at the same time you seem to think further ahead than just this fool. How do you really think?

- We got an offer for a big title match that would then go across the Atlantic. And it's a very interesting cheat. If I win my upcoming feud, it opens up for strong negotiations for the future.

Can you tell who is facing the resistance in the potential feud?

- No, I can't reveal anything. But can say that it can be the biggest match in Swedish boxing on the women's side.

Laurén and her partners have tried to expand the family with the help of IVF technology. But she says that it has not gone the way. Which opens up for a continued boxing career.

- We're as lucky as we are. We have a very good life. We both like to exercise and are active. We have not completely closed the door when it comes to growing the family. But that means I might as well be mistaken.

And she ends, as so many times before, with a boot for rival Klara Svensson's hold.

- Of course I would like to meet her but she has said no several times. It is maybe luck for her because I have developed and she has been lying on the sofa and mostly talking.