First in their qualifying group, the France team will be in hat 2 for the draw for the group stage of the 2020 European Championship. And it's not without consequences ...

The miracle did not happen. Victorious in Albania Sunday night (2-0), the Blues were waiting for the results of the last meetings of Monday and Tuesday night to be fixed on their fate, but neither Germany, victorious 6-1 against Northern Ireland, nor the Netherlands, easy winners of Estonia, have made an odd: France will be in the second hat in the draw for Euro 2020 to be held on 30 November in Bucharest.

The French team pays their two missteps against Turkey (2-0 defeat in Turkey and 1-1 draw at the Stade de France). Two disappointing performances put her in seventh place in the standings of the teams who finished first in their group. Removing the matches against the last of their group (the two wins against Moldova), the Blues are left with 19 points, behind Belgium and Italy (24 points), England, Germany (21 points ) and Spain and Ukraine (20 points). These are the six teams that will compose hat 1.

The different hats:

Hat 1: Italy, England, Belgium, Spain, Ukraine, Germany.

Hat 2: France , Switzerland, Croatia, Poland, Netherlands, Russia.

Hat 3: Portugal, Turkey, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic.

Hat 4: Wales, Finland, qualified League A barrage, qualified B league, qualified league C, qualified league D.

France will face Italy, Germany, Spain or England

This little detail is not one. Placed in this hat, France is likely to end up in a hen raised, which will not be composed of Ukraine for geopolitical reasons. The 24-team European Championship from 12 June to 12 July will be played across Europe without a host country, forcing UEFA into complex arrangements to prevent Ukraine from joining the group, for example. of Russia and plays his matches in St. Petersburg. As a result, we already know that the team of coach Andrei Shevchenko will be in Pool C with the Netherlands (hat 2), and that Russia will be placed in group B with Belgium (hat 1) and Denmark (hat 3).

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There remains for the Blues big pieces with Italy, England, Spain or Germany. And hat 3 is not necessarily weaker, with teams like Portugal, Turkey, Austria or Sweden. The last qualifiers for Euro 2020 will be known in the spring with the barrages of the Euro, where sixteen teams will compete for the last four tickets.

The host cities of Euro 2020:

Group A: Rome (ITA) / Baku (AZE)
Group B: St. Petersburg (RUS) / Copenhagen (DAN)
Group C: Amsterdam (PB) / Bucharest (ROU)
Group D: London (ANG) / Glasgow (ECO)
Group E: Bilbao (ESP) / Dublin (IRL)
Group F: Munich (ALL) / Budapest (HON)