French athlete Ophélie Claude-Boxberger tested positive for EPO on September 18th. Faced with the proliferation of doping cases, our editorialist Virginie Phulpin evokes "the importance of detecting cheaters and punishing them harder."


>> French athletics faces many cases of doping. After Clémence Calvin in April, it was Ophélie Claude-Boxberger who underwent a positive test last September at EPO. Star of athletics in France, Kevin Mayer said: "it is very good that there is a carnage". Our columnist Virginie Phulpin highlights the work of the French Anti-Doping Agency .

"The doping cases are multiplying in French athletics, and this is good news, not doping, I assure you, but the fact that the culprits are more and more often caught by the patrol. Mayer, the champion of the decathlon, who even says he's hoping for a slaughter, he's right, when you run clean, it's unbearable to be constantly being suspected because others are committing mistakes. that cheaters all fall, I understand his skin reaction.

When we know how to cheat, we also know how to lie

Then, we learned the positive control of Ophélie Claude-Boxberger's EPO. The check took place in September and was heard by the French anti-doping agency at the beginning of the week. And meanwhile, the specialist of the 3000 steeple has participated unsuccessfully at the World Cups in Doha. An athlete says that in the plane for these world championships, she chatted with her about food to be at the top of her game. Not bad as dissimulation. Yes, when we know how to cheat, we also know how to lie.

But the French anti-doping agency does its job, and it does it well. It must make us happy to see these runners fall, it proves that the fight is serious. We in France, we do the job, but elsewhere, how's it going? This is the defense of the French Athletics Federation. Okay, it is true that the fight against doping is conducted much more seriously in France than in other countries. But it's insufficient as a defense. Now the Federation will have to clean up.

There is a big discomfort with this new case, because the offending athlete is in a relationship with a doctor of the Federation

The relationship between Ophélie Claude-Boxberger and Dr. Michel Serra has long been secret. But it has been formalized. It makes troubling the fact that this doctor from the Federation sent an email to the French Anti-Doping Agency a year ago. To ask him to reduce the controls on his companion because it had repercussions on his health. We think we dream.

For the moment, this doctor is still an employee of the Federation, he was just entitled to a blame ... Okay, he hurriedly left the Doha Worlds, and since then he has been on sick leave. It tends to reinforce suspicions, right? So the Federation must act, reorganize itself and part with the wrongdoers. We are preparing for the Paris Olympics paying close attention to ensure that all trading partners are clean. Maybe the athletes should be too. "