Day 11 of Sumo Kyushu Place Shirakaba


Sumo Kyushu place is the 11th day. Yokozuna Shirakaba won the Ryuden side by side and won only one loss.

Winning or losing after entering the middle.

▽ The terrific forces of Teruo won and won the battle.

▽ Daishomaru pushes out into Shimano Sea.

▽ Toyoyama has pushed out Toyoyama to Chiyomaru.

▽ Chiyo Dairyu throws Koto Shogiku badly.

▽ In the Masayo Sada's sea, Masayo won a lot and decided to win.

▽ Takashi wins the victory of Takashi on Mt. Matsubuchi.

▽ Ishiura was thrown badly by Ishiura.

▽ Kagayaki won the sword sho and won by extruding.

▽ The flames are close to the flames.

▽ Yuki Koto pushed out to Kinki. Nishiki overcame.

▽ Ayu Saki sticks out to the onion.

▽ Meiyo wins against Daiei Sho.

▽ Oki's sea is crammed into Aki.

▽ Asanoyama won the 9th victory by winning the treasure Fuji.

▽ Myogi Ryu won the victory over Hokusatsu Fuji.

▽ Endo is close to the Ontake Sea. Mitake is now in 6th loss and is no longer able to reach the double-digit victory.

▽ Ozeki Takagi won the scenic spot. Takayama scouted and won the place where Ozeki returned.

▽ Yokozuna to Ryuden Shirakaba was the only one who was able to win the race.