Argentine Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez of Barcelona have both scored a goal and created another for their respective countries to force a draw in the friendly match between the oldest continental Rio de Plata, dating back to 1901.

The start of the brilliance was with "Pistolero" who passed a fascinating ball to his team mate Edinson Cavani, Paris Saint-Germain, who gave "La Celeste" the lead (34).

However, Suarez's close friend Messi responded to him with a free kick that was headed by Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero, who scored the equalizer for the national team.

Just six minutes after Aguero's goal, Suarez returned to score from a free-kick in the Bulga.

However, Messi did not accept defeat against team mate Suarez, and led "La Albiceleste" for a compressive attack in the remaining minutes, resulting in a penalty, including the "Argentine magician" the deadly equalizer.

It was the last friendly between the two teams before the start of their journey in March next qualifiers South America qualifying for the World Cup Qatar 2022.